Planning to Buy a Property? Here is some advice for buyers

    2017-07-07 04:34:37

Buying a piece of land is dream for everyone, so if we are unable to buy land we use to go towards flat. Looking towards of our daily need Real estate has come in existence to full fill our dreams. Real estate is one of the biggest investments we make in lifetime and for that we need to do some homework before we take the plunge. Here are some important things which we have to check before buying any property.

About the flat

If we are buying a flat we need to make sure that the building where we are going to live has cleared all legal procedures or not. For that we have to go personally for doing inspection and verify the seller has full right to sell the flat and he is sole owner of the land or he can sell on behalf of owner.


Location/area of the apartment is also one of the important considerations. We have to make sure the growth of area is there by looking supermarkets, schools as well as essential daily needs is around us or within 5 minutes area.


This is main part of buying any property. We have to look towards the property which is within our budget because mostly we fall in love with property which is much costlier than our budget and in buying that property our time and money both get wasted many times

Builders Credibility

Credibility of builder is extremely important because the structure of the apartment and portion as well as area of flats and extra lands which includes parking, garden, common room and many essential areas like security (guard room) we have to look towards it. This was the main thing which we have to see before buying. We can also take help from real estate agents or property dealer to buy a dream house. Internet is best way to find property agents because numbers of property agents are engaged to their customers through website. For Ex- If you are looking for real estate agents/property dealer in bandra, Mumbai. You will simply search property dealer in bandra or real estate agents in bandra and you will get best results. We can also compare different property agent's record through internet.