Things to Recognize If You Are Taking a House on Rent

    2017-06-30 05:10:30

Most of us live in different cities far away from hometown for the job, business purposes or for study. When we shift to big cities there is always a tough task to get a room for rent. If we find the room but it is too much costly which we can't afford it.I f we get budget friendly room we breathe a sigh of relief but still there is various points to remember before going for rent room. In this blog we will explain what kind of things to recognize if we are taking a house on rent.

1 - Physical analysis of house or room is quite important before going for room or house for rent. Check the furnishing, plumbing, sanitary fittings etc. If we check these factors in first stage it becomes easier later. Physical analysis helps us avoid any confusion that creates hassle between tenant and flat owner.

2 - Proper rent agreement between flat owner and tenant is vital. Due to proper rent agreement owner can’t able to increase rent before lock-in period. For Ex- If lock-in period is 1 year during this period the rent will same as decided before shifting in the room.

3 - If we are taking house for rent in any society. We need to make sure that there is any charges we have to give for society fund, parking charges, club charges or other charges such as door to door waste collection etc.

4 - Must discuss to owner about Maintenance charges such as colouring of walls, interior and exterior maintenance charges, water taps and electrical wiring etc. which can create hassle between tenant and owner.

5 - Last but not the least Proper Documentation. Before taking a flat or house make sure that flat is not associated with any fraud. We may ask owner about last paid electricity bill or water bill.

Experience Property Dealer or Real Estate Broker can help us for to get flat suitable for us. Tell them for what you are looking for and what is your budget. They will provide you a best for you according to your need and they can also help us for above factors that create problem in taking flat. But Beware of Frauds.